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Sizes and Measurements

Page Contents:
  • Measuring Yourself
  • Dress Size Measurements
  • Glove Size Measurements
  • "Should I choose a dress size or specify measurements?"
  • Our Made To Measure Service

  • Measuring Yourself

    When taking a body measurement, the tape measure should be snug against the body, but not tight enough to indent the skin.

    Your Waist measurement should be taken at the slimmest part of your midriff, and your Hip measurement should be taken at the widest part of your bottom.

    If you don't have access to a tape measure, use a piece of string or cord (non-elasticated of course) to measure your body, and then measure this against a ruler.

    Thigh measurements for garters should be taken at the place on the leg you wish to wear the garter.

    Body Measurements Map

    Lickorish Latex Sizes Paragraph

    Dress Size Measurements

    Our dress size measurements are broken down as detailed below.

    Dress Size Waist measurement Hip measurement
    Size 8 61cm (approx 24") 86cm (approx 34")
    Size 10 66cm (approx 26") 91cm (approx 36")
    Size 12 71cm (approx 28") 96cm (approx 38")
    Size 14 76cm (approx 30") 101cm (approx 40")
    Size 16 81cm (approx 32") 106cm (approx 42")
    Size 18 86cm (approx 34") 111cm (approx 44")
    Size 20 91cm (approx 36") 116cm (approx 46")

    These measurements refer to the body measurements of the wearer rather than the garments themselves. For best effect, latex should be worn close fitting and slightly stretched to create that sleek and shiny rubber look. lickorishlatex designs already take this into account, so please choose a dress size to match your body measurements.

    When choosing a latex dress size, choose the size matching your smallest body area. For Example, if you are choosing a skirt size and have a size 12 - 14 waist, and a size 12 hip, choose a dress size 12 for the skirt. Alternately, just enter your measurements instead of a dress size, and we'll pick it for you.

    It is better for a part of the garment to stretch to fit a slightly larger body measurement, than wear the larger size and the garment be loose or baggy over the slimmer area. Although garments should not be worn too tight, as this will weaken the rubber and shorten its life, and of course is uncomfortable and unflattering.

    Lickorish Latex Sizes Paragraph

    Glove Size Measurements

    Our gloves are sized as follows:-

    Knuckle Circumference Size
    15cm - 16.5cm XS
    16.5cm - 18cm S
    18cm - 19.5cm M
    19.5cm - 21cm L
    21.5cm - 23cm XL

    When measuring your knuckle circumference, place your hand flat on a surface and measure all the way around the knuckles at the top of your palm. If you don't have a tape measure, take this measurement with a piece of string, and then measure the piece of string against a ruler.

    Lickorish Latex Sizes Paragraph

    "When ordering a garment, should I choose a dress size or specify measurements?"

    Ordering a garment in a standard dress size:
    If you don't want your garment made to measure, you can do either!
    Either... pick your dress size from the drop-down list of sizes (sizes 8 to 20),
    Or... pick your measurements and we will choose the standard dress size that best fits your measurements.
    (If you use both, we will use the measurements rather than the dress size.)

    For Made to Measure:
    Please choose your measurements in the drop-down boxes and ignore the dress sizes box.

    Whether you want a standard sized garment or one made to measure, if you choose your measurements please make sure you have measured yourself accurately! We have some basic advice on measuring yourself further up on this page.

    Lickorish Latex Sizes Paragraph

    Our Made To Measure Service - 10

    If like so many of us, you don't fit into the silhouette used by the fashion industry, why not have one of our items made to fit you perfectly?

    Just click the Made to Measure box when you're buying your garment, which will add the 10 on to the garment price, and we will make your garment in your specific measurements.

    Lickorishlatex Tapemeasure

    If you have any questions about sizes and measurements, Email us. We are more than happy to help.

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